About Eelp!

The reason for Eelp!

We are a young team with desire for changes. We believe that there are alternatives to be able to live well and enjoy life without this entailing a great cost. A service available to everyone that helps you on a daily basis to solve all those boring and heavy tasks that take away so much time.

Come on! You just have to ask for it and we solve it 😉

The Eelpers

Aina Eelp! eelper

Aina Castelló

Photographer and Eelper. Millenial, digital and resolutive. She defines herself as a simple girl who is charmed to enjoy liife with friends. Her addiction: the cinema.

Silvia Eelp! eelper

Silvia Mendoza

Student of German and English philology. In her free time she likes to enjoy nature, travel, read, go to the cinema and spend time with her dog ‘Lassy’.

Maria José Rivas

Anthropology student and passionate about literature. Enjoy movies, field hockey, aimless walks and spending time with friends.

Geniş Eelp! eelper

Genís Morral

Audiovisual media student passionate about the digital world and technology. On my free time I used to the read novels and curiosities (always from a screen).

The team

Alex Diaz Eelp! CEO

Alex Díaz


Alex Caudet Eelp! CSO

Alex Caudet


Quim Eelp! CMO

Quim Giralt


Guillem Eelp! Hospitality Manager

Guillem Moreo

Hospitality Manager

Coral Eelp! Designer

Coral Mena

UX/UI Designer

Alfredo Eelp!

Alfredo Roca

Web developer

Jofre Eelp! eelper

Jofre Mimó

Android Developer

Marc Eelp!

Marc Tudó

Eelpers Manager

All this would not be possible without our chairman Marc Costa and without our founder Carlos Blanco.