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The mobile service of complete travel assistance

Make your trip unforgettable and help your guest in everything you need during your stay in the city, in an easy and comfortable way.

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What the guests ask us:


How it works?

Easy. Confortable. Without worries.

Eelp! hoteles mensaje welcome bienvenida


Guest receives an hotel welcome through WhatsApp and mail.

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Guests are able to ask whatever they want to his own personal assistant.

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All advantages!

for the guest:

We take care of everything that the guest needs in their stay so that it becomes a unique and unforgettable experience that associates your brand.

Eelp app hospitality welcome

Concierge inside and outside the hotel. Available anywhere from its mobile.

Eelp! app explore categories

Wide range of products and service availables.

Eelp! hoteles chat

Fast and effective communication.

Eelp! hoteles assistant

Pre-stay assistance.

for the hotel:

Our team of travel assistants operate physically from our offices and they are responsible for receiving and responding to the guests to any kind of consultation and / or request in real time.

Without integrations and facilities

Without dedication of your staff

100% customized

inside and outside the hotel

all in one place

In an easy and comfortable way

Our services

Some examples about what we can do for your guests

Eelp! hospitality information información

Hotel information: Check in and check out timetable, breakfast, restaurant…

Eelp! hospitality services taxi

Transport: Taxi, transfer, public transport, tourist bus, rent a car…

Eelp! hospitality services restaurant restaurante

Restaurant: Information, recommendations, questions and bookings.

Eelp! hospitality services tickets entradas

Tickets: Buy tickets, concerts, sport events, shows…

Eelp! hospitality salud pharmacy

Health: Delivery doctor, pharmacy, wellness…

Eelp! travel

Managements: Fly changes, baggage losses, complains.

Eelp kids children niños

Professionals: Multilanguage nanny, translator, guide, personal shopper..

Eelp! hospitality room service

Pre-stay: Stay and room management before arrival. Cross-selling and up-selling.

and much more…

Personal assistants for the hotel and your guests

Let us help you make their stay in the city perfect!

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